Howdy audience,

This blog is made for one and only one purpose to make a good guide about tourist places per city have in  India and believe me I’ll give my best anyhow.


Introducing myself

First of all, you are welcome in my blog or Amazing places.

Hello guys, This is Vivek Singh and now I’m in part 1 and I’m about 19 years old.

I am a part-time blogger, affiliate marketer, and also an Entrepreneur.

I am from Patna, Bihar

I’m belonging from the middle class family and want to upgrade to a high class.

About amazing places

This blog is made to show the best tourist places per city have in India and also things to do in those cities where you are planning to go, I’ll also help you to find the best restaurants and hotels at affordable prices. I’m gonna cover this all in this blog

This blog will help to spent your time and money on best places which I’m gonna recommend you, so this blog is totally made for you and helping vacation lovers to search their amazing places in India’s country where they want to go.

I’ll always help you to find your tourist places like always?


A simple guy having advanced level dreams for his life, make a world tour, and also have dream to be a no.1 blogger at least in India.