Today I'm gonna tell you 9+ dream places to visit in Bangalore because we want to get fresh and spent some time with nature and all are know that Bangalore is also known as the green city.

Are you confused to plan your vacation that which city I have to select? do you doubt on budget? and looking for those best places that can visit in one day or two days?
Here I'll solve these all problem.

We are already get bored a lot due to COVID-19 and having some fun with our colleagues or family and if you will find tourist places in Bangalore then you will get 40+ Bangalore tourist places but today I'm going to tell most visiting places in Bangalore these places are dream places for many peoples, in fact, many peoples are told me that I would like to come here again.

Let's start,


Time:- 6:00 am-10:00 pm

Entry fee:- 5 INR

Here you can chill with your friends and the best time to visit Nandi hills is in the morning or evening in the winter season. That time it gives a beautiful view from the top of the mountain of Nandi hills as you can see in the video because for these reasons it became the best tourist place in Bangalore.

when you will come here then you must have to go on Tipu's point then you will feel that you are walking on the cloud and that place is one of the best places for a photoshoot in Nandi hills. Here you can also do paragliding it is very famous in the Nandi hills. Don't even try to miss these.

There is an idol of Nandi cow of lord shiva which is always covered with pure ghee when you will go close to that idol then you can see and smell that and that makes interesting.

see the prove through video,

Things to do in Nandi hills, there is a small pond that also a good place for the photoshoot.

After that go on the Tipu's drop and you can see the entire city from their which looks amazing.

Many peoples are asked me many times about best places to visit in bangalore or places near bangalore, so guys this is really incredible.

places to visit in bangalore

One more thing make a ride of bike or cycle on the Nandi hills that will be amazing for tourist and having more to do in Nandi hills, after all, it is one of the amazing Bangalore places to visit go and enjoy your day

Overview:- This is one of the best places around Bangalore because a lot of natural beauty is hidden from those who have not visited these amazing places in Bangalore and having a lot of fun to do in Nandi hills that was a small part of fun which I told you.

Don't wait for best this is dream places around Bangalore for many peoples.So believe me go for it.


1. What is the best thing in the Nandi hills for tourist attractions?

Ans- There is too much thing which are attracting peoples but I will define you most attractive places to visit in Nandi hills which are fabulous and romantic places in bangalore

1. Sightseeing at Tipu's drop

2. jaramadagu falls

3. Bhoga Nandeeshwara temple

4. Tipu's summer residence

5. Paragliding

6. Brahmashram

2. why should we visit the Nandi hills in Bangalore?

Ans- If you are a nature lover or want to feel nature then you must visit Nandi hills because here you will feel that you are talking and chilling with nature or sky and cloud. There are also some historical architectures which always attract us and also the fabulous tourist places in Bangalore


places to visit in bangalore

Time:- 11:00 am to 6:00 pm 

Entry fee:- 625 INR to 1005 INR

Wonderla in Bangalore is one of the super fab places near bangalore metro station, also really great places to visit in Bangalore and having a large area, it ranks 1st in India and has 7th rank in the Asia continent. It is one of the amazing Bangalore tourist places.

If you are planning to go there with your friends or family then move ahead because this park is made for those who want a lot of fun in his life. Believe me, you will have enough fun for a day.

 There is a lot of things to do. Here always play a background song for peoples and you can also dance for fun.

Once you entered in wonderla then if you will try to stop yourself for chilling then you can't because the atmosphere of wonderla is rocking and feel with fun so don't try to stop yourself go there and forgot your every type of tension. Believe me it is amazing place to visit in Bangalore.

The best time to visit wonderla in Bangalore then I'll suggest you go in the summer season that time will be best for you that time crowd will be high but the fun will be also high. Wonderla have 60 + rides for kids and adults both(5yrs to 70yrs).

The entry fee is not fixed in there like you need to pay for locker depend upon you.Now let's talk about another thing, go inside the wave pool of wonderla and see around, you will feel that you are in the ocean and surrounded by mountains because the wave pool is surrounded by giant rock Which gives a wonderful view. 

I would also like to suggest for UB City near wonderla both are amazing places around Bnagalore.

The best thing to do in wonderla make some rides with noises, There are also those that touch on pride and there are others that go into the water bodies so you must enjoy those rides. That will be also great 'Masti' when you will slide from the top as much you want and one most important thing to do in wonderla,

don't ever try to forget to take a ride on Roller coaster because it goes ahead and also gets reverse which came in India first time one more thing is that it is only one in India and lies in Bangalore wonderla.So don't try ever to miss it.

After all I would confidently like to say one of the super fabulous Bangalore places to visit which you must visit there is a lot of famous restaurants which are trusted and made tasty meals so after all, you should taste the meal so go ahead.

overview:- It is one of the best places to visit in Bangalore for family, friends or couples and you must visit it there are lot of things to do and get relax so don't wait and go ahead trust me you will get enough fun and it is places near Bangalore.


1. which is better wonderla park of Bangalore or Kochi?

ans:- Bangalore and Kochi both have amazing park but you should go in Bangalore wonderla having two reasons first is it rank 1st in India and second having Roller coaster ride. But wonderla of Kochi rank on make your choice I'll suggest to Bangalore wonderla.

places to visit in bangalore


places to visit in bangalore

Time:- 10 am to 5:30 pm and closed on Saturday 

Entry fee:- 230 INR, 460 INR for foreigners,

Extra charges:- 1. Cell phone camera 300 INR

                             2. Still camera 710 INR

                            3. Video camera 1480 INR

Bangalore palace is the pride of Bangalore, it is a historical place whose construction was started in 1874 but its property was bought by Maharaja Chama Rajendra wadiyar 10. This is incredible tourist place in Bangalore and anyone can't describe the beauty of this place.

It is 3rd best places to visit in Bangalore or Bangaluru.

here tourist comes from a different country, not from a single one. Bangalore palace covered area of 45000 sq feet or 454 acres this is enough to understand how huge palace is lie in Bangalore so most of the peoples attract with its beauty and also a great Bangalore places to visit.

Now after buying the ticket they will give a phone with a headphone by you can hear the history of Bangalore palace most of the interior is designed with wood and you will inside that how the king was living in this palace.

You can feel that where he getting rest and where was he consuming food and also noticed that they have 1 tea spot for one cup which is interesting after that when you will go in the balcony are filed with interesting paintings which all have deep meaning.

The best thing to do near Bangalore palace is, you must visit the amusement park which is situated in the ground of the palace it has various types of rides peoples are like that so must go there and also you must visit the snow room near palace this is also awesome places here you can enjoy with ice.

so go there and enjoy your day full of fun. and I'm confident to say that these places are attractable places to visit in Bangalore.

Overview:- Bangalore palace is one of the biggest and having an amazing view from inside and outside, here is also beautiful gardens, nearby is also nice this is the perfect place for photoshoot also and it is also the pride of Bangalore so don't miss it because These are perfect Bangalore tourist places.

places to visit in bangalore


1. what is the fastest and affordable way to reach the place in Bangalore/Bangalore palace from the airport?

Ans:- The fastest way to reach there from the airport by 'Bangalore-Hydrabad highway book ola/uber for faster.


places to visit in bangalore

Time:- 09:00 am to 4:00 pm

Entree fee:- 1. zoo:- 40 INR to 400 INR

                       2. Butterfly park:- 20 INR 300 INR

                       3. SAFARI/BUS fee:- 130 INR to 500 INR

Bannerghatta national park is one of the biggest parks in India which was found in 1970 and announced as a national park in 1994 Which is a great attraction of Bangalore. Only after visiting here, you will find out that what is nature.

Yeah this is one the incredible places to visit in bangalore go for it.

there is a lot of different sapling trees here, which are very different from the city. Seeing them, we also see their living conditions, which is a matter of great concern to us, to see them so closely that without any hindrance.

if you are a photographer, this can be one of the most important places around Bangalore in Bangalore which you must not miss and also for the tourist who came Bangalore to feel the nature so don't miss it. many peoples told me that this is one is my favorite Bangalore tourist places.


The area of this park is about 260.52 km sq. now you can imagine how big is this there is a lot of things to visit like there is a zoo, on the pet corner, animal rescue center, Butterfly encloser, Aquarium, snake house, jungle safari.

these are the most attractive places inside the Bannerghatta which you must Bannerghatta is come in the list of dreamest places near Bangalore of many visitors.

Bannerghatta has animal rescue center which you can see inside and there is also elephant sanctuary which attracts tourist because here peoples can play with huge elephants with safety and you can capture the view in the camera which is totally real.

  • jungle safari is very interesting in Bannerghatta national best time to visit Bannerghatta national park is from November to January this time will be perfect for you so try to visit this or if not possible there is no problem that will be your because the beauty of this park will be not lost in other time so plan your trip now let's see the beauty of this park in the video
places to visit in bangalore

In Bannerghatta national park lot of species are lie like if we see there is a lot of flora like peltphorum petrocarpum, bauhinia purpurea, neem, bamboo, tamarind, etc. these are some trees there is a lot of varieties of flora.

Also their lot of varieties of animals like elephants, Royal Bengal tiger, jackal, leopard, fox, sloth bear, Indian gazelle, python, cobras, wild boar, etc. Due to these all it made incredible places to visit in Bangalore.

there is a lot of varieties I introduce to you some special fauna and all free to move without any restriction just like they live in the jungle.

Believe me after visit this place, you are going to be crazy and that will prove that it is really dream places to visit in Bangalore.

This park is so amazing due to original sightseeing and we must see how animals are live there life in the jungle and how they maintaining the life cycle by nature.

There is also a butterfly park which is only one in India that is placed in Bannerghatta national park which is a cover area of 10,000 sq ft. and according to Wikipedia, it was opened in 2006 by the union ministry of science and go there and enjoy your day because this place is like wow.

Overview:- Bannerghatta national park is a great attraction of tourists who comes here to create a memory so everyone must visit this place once if you are planning to go on Romantic places in Bangalore.

here we covered that how bannerghatta is awesome, having huge attraction of nature and ecosystem.


1. Which is better Nandi hills or Bannerghatta national park?

Ans:- First of all I want to clarify that both places have it's own beauty so we can't compare because both are beautiful places to visit in Bangalore but if you will visit Bannerghatta national park then you will observe that how animals and nature are playing together but if you visit Nandi hills there you can feel the nature if you want more to know then read on top of blog.


places to visit in bangalore

Entry fee:- 20 INR/ free on 6:00 am to 9:00 am

Time:- 6:00 am - 7:00 pm


Lal bagh botanical garden is a favorite and dream place for many peoples because if you want to feel nature and spent some time with nature then go for it guys. This place is totally amazing after visit this place you will ubderstant that this is rally can be dream places to visit in Bangalore.


places to visit in bangalore

Lal bagh botanical garden covered area of 240 acres so you can imagine that how huge is this park there is a lot of plants trees are placed and also peoples say that this house plants and trees and also called green heart of Bangalore.

This is located 4 km away from vidhana soudha and best time to visit in sep-feb.

If you are nature lovers so I'm really telling you don't ever try to miss this place.

 if you are a photographer the same message for you there is above 1850 variety of plants and trees and there is some trees which are older than 200 years this makes tourist attractive.

This is very attractive Romantic places to visit in Bangalore.

places to visit in bangalore

In fact some rocks of this garden is older than above 2800 million years. due to these reasons it became dream place to many peoples.

This park was commissioned by Hyder Ali but this garden was totally designed by his son Tipu sultan and he named this garden as Lal bagh botanical garden. a lot of varieties of plants and trees are collected from the various countries by tipu sultan.

Let's see a video of lal bagh botanical garden in which you can see the beauty.

in this video, you can see the total beauty of Lal bagh garden that how beautiful is this because no one can define nature because nature made us not we made nature.

This has some historical statue and all statue are older than millions of years which is very interesting this can be a memory for you and again it is really amazing places to visit in Bangalore.

if you go back side of the garden then you will find a lake which gives a wonderful view and makes tourist attractive place due to this few reasons peoples are very interested to go there due to this lake, plants, and trees huge amount of birds are coming there ad they play with each other

A lot of monkeys are found in this garden due to trees and having fruits because the garden has a lot of varieties of trees so monkeys come there and also play with peoples, the monkey can play with by touch your body but you can't touch them so don't try to disturb.

if you really want to play with him then feed them. if you want to get food for you so there is also a food zone.

Lal bagh garden is located in south Bangalore from the airport you want come fast here then use your personal car or book uber/ola you can also come here through the BMC bus.

This park have 4 entrance gate and all have his own features so go and watch that.

I want to clear you that the most attractive things in the botanical garden are pigeon house, lecture hall, flora clock, glasshouse, aviary, lake, old idol, etc. in fact they are tried to make some animals as well as men by plants. so one of the best places to visit in Bangalore.

Lal bagh botanical park newly opened a park called Bansai park, Rose garden, Topiary garden, lofus garden. in fact, in this park have a lot of gardens are found but these gardens are newly opened so go and watch these and i know, you will never miss it.

Overview:- Lal bagh botanical garden are covered 240 acres of area and this garden have above 1850 plants are found, this park was founded by Hyder Ali and totally established by his son Tipu sultan.

There is a lot of rock are placed which is older than 2900 million years this makes it interesting to tourist and due to these reasons, many have dream places around Bangalore.

places to visit in bangalore


places to visit in bangalore

Timing;- 9:30 am to 11:00 pm

Entry fee:- free

Commercial street is a dream place for those who want to bath with cloths yeah this true that this is one of the biggest and affordable market place for the public here you can get a dress from 50 INR.

One of the best shopping Bangalore places to visit so go and grab your favorite one don't think about your budget here, this place has all types of variety so you can get there your favorite

are you, girl or boy? this place is made for you guys and trust me this is the dream place of many peoples so don't be confuse guys go ahead and just grab your fashion, shop here for your vacations in Bangalore

for girls, you can get here a lot of product like amazing earrings, neckless, beautiful dress for party or wedding, etc. you can get here thise in cheap price with best product.

Buy something for your family/fiance, you can get here all brand products and here all branded showrooms are lying so you have chosen only which brands product you really want.

This is great for shopping and many other things. You know this is also one of my favourite places to visit in Bangalore.


places to visit in bangalore

Move toward the best and tasty street famous food of Bangalore here you can get a lot of varieties of foods but I want to suggest you to must try as

1) are you chat lover? so go to Sagar chats and sweets and ask for tangy chatpata papdi chat don't forget to try it, believe me, I'm sure that you never ate this chat anywhere except here. and one more thing you can get it only in 50 INR.

2) Really want to eat once crunchy Keri? If you love to eat some crunchy green mango with the best taste then believe me you will love it after tasted once. spent at least 15 INR and get one portion of Keri this is a very good street food which is found on the street of the commercial street.

3) is naan your favorite? move to S.R sons Bakery and ask for khova naan it's taste like wow. so don't ever try to forget this street food because this food is very famous there.

There is a lot of varieties of food but I suggested you some famous and taste food and also peoples are given feedback on this food so I recommend you.

You can get here also home appliances product at the very cheap price like sofas, technical kitchen appliances, etc. all are at very cheap price remember most important thing is that they will tell you the high price after bargaining they will sell you in 50% of the price and foreigners must be aware there.

so go and make some fun with yours family. This is amazing romantic places in Bangalore for couples also.

Overview:- Comercial street is a faviroute place for shoping lovers here lot of things to do like you can buy dresses in cheap price, having lot of famous resturants, pubs and Brand showrooms so go and get what you need.everything is avillable. believe me you will love this place. buy gift for your's family.


1. What are the best places around around Bangalore within 100 km?

ans:- these all are the top places to visit in bangalore within the 100 km.

as, Nandi hills,Cubbon park,Lal Bagh garden etc. which i shown to you this is most amazing places around Bangalore.


Timing:- 6:00 am - 6:00 pm

Entry fee:- free

Cubbon Park is a very attractive and peaceful place to visit in Bangalore which you must visit to make a good bond with nature. Cubbon park is love for many and after so much research we found that it is also one of the best places to visit in Bangalore.

Cubbon Park is situated in the heart of Bangalore and most of the peoples are also called that this is the lung of the Bangalore.

This park was situated in 1870 A.D by Sri john meade but it's all memory are reliable to Richard Sankey who was chief engineer of the state and before 1927 this park was known as Shri Chama Rajendra park.

This name was given by Sri Krishna raja wadiyar in memory of Sri Chama Rajendra wadiyar but after 1927 rename as Cubbon Park.

Cubbon park covering the area of 300 acres which a large area for a park.

After all, this is a very calm park having a lot of species of plant and trees which attracts peoples

Cubbon park has more than 6500 plants are found which make the good environment around the the most beautiful flower is bright red flowers with long petals making so interesting.

we must visit this park because it is one of the charming places around Bangalore. so don't miss it.

places to visit in bangalore

There are some historical and very beautiful statues which you can see in the park-like,

  1. Shri Chama Rajendra wadiyar
  2. Queen victoria
  3. Major General sir mark Cubbon
  4. Sir K.Sheshadri lyer  

These 5 statues are very amazing and huge.

After watched the first time this place many visitors are named this city as 'Green City' and we think physically this is right because Bangalore has very charming and natural things.

There are a few interesting things to do in Cubbon park.

  • Bangalore Aquarium:- This a historical and amazing so don't miss it because it is India's 2nd largest aquarium.
places to visit in bangalore

  • Attara Kacheri:- placed in front of the park and it is also a historical place to go and do some photoshoot. This is also very good places to visit in Bangalore.
places to visit in bangalore

  • Vidhana Soudha:- Don't miss it because it is also a tourist place and its architecture is very beautiful, it was a public office but after 1957 changed into vidhana soudha and listed in the tourist places in Bangalore. You know this is also coming in the list of places to visit in Bangalore but not in dream places to visit in Bangalore but really it is good place of Bangalore.
places to visit in bangalore

you must visit these three places which are placed within 1 km so go and enjoy it.

These all are amazing places around Bangalore in fact near Cubbon park

here is a short video see that,

There are a lot of tourist places around Cubbon park but I suggest you few must visiting places 


here are more places to visit near Cubbon park-like 

  • Priyadarshani children's library
  • The Venkatappa art gallery
  • The YMCA
  • Century club
  • Press club
  • Jawahar Bal Bhavan
  • Tennis Pavillion

You can also visit these places near this park 

Most attracts peoples here like the lake and some beautiful trees this park is best for photography you can ride the bike on the road which is passing from inside of Cubbon park and surrounded by beautiful trees.

when beautiful leaves are fallen on the land from the trees it makes a fabulous look which you must see on the road of the park that's why it came in the list of best places to visit in Bangalore.

Here you can also get bicycles on rent for ride on the beautiful road of park but it allows only on sunday.

so go and watch these all.      

Overview:- Cubbon park is historical and having calm atmoshphere with area of 300 acres and there is lot of attraction for tourist like there is a beautiful lake, vidhana soudha,high court, for one day trip in bangalore you must visit this so go and enjoy.


1. where can rent a bicycles near cubbon park for ride?

ans:- just walk opposite from the front of the fish aquarium after covered within 50 metre of distance just make look to the left side you can see some bicycles are parked from where you can get and then enjoy of the targeted Romantic places in Bangalore.


places to visit in bangalore
places to visit in bangalore

Darshan Time:- 4:30 am-5:00 am and 7:00 am-8:00 pm

Entry fee:- free

Time boundation:- 2-3 Hours

Iskcon temple is also a dream place to visit in Bangalore many peoples because this temple is looking amazing from both sides inner and outer many peoples go there told me that Iskcon temple is one of the incredible places to visit in Bangalore so I would like to go there once more. And ofcourse it is amazing places to visit in Bangalore| Bangaluru |.

 This place is perfect for a family tour and friends there a lot of interesting things. This temple covered the area of 7 acres, this is one of the largest temples are placed in India which was made in 1997.

The founder of Iskcon temple is A.C Bhaktivedanta swami Prabhudeva peoples are coming here from different different part of India for devotes as Bangalore, Hubli, Bihar, madras etc.

The market in Iskcon temple

The market of Iskcon temple makes it interesting where you can buy like

  • Flowers
  • Ladoos and more sweets
  • Bakery
  • Bronze copper articles
  • Chains
  • Krishna photos
  • Traditional dresses 

After all, when you will go inside and make look inside you can see all interior is designed with silver and gold platings.

 which is interesting for visitors.

The camera is not allowed inside of the temple so don't forget it.

Let me show you a short video in which you can how beautiful actually is this.

Iskcon temple located on hilly land called Hare Krishna hill 

Iskcon temple is huge and beautiful as it has gold-plated Dhwaja-Stambha which is 17m high and another attractive gold plated Kalash Shikhara which is 8.5 m higher. These both are looking so beautiful I just want to say that go for it because here no much money required.

places to visit in bangalore

now as you know this is a temple so there are six types of shrines 

  1. Radha-Krishna
  2. Krishna-Balrama
  3. Srila Prabhudeva
  4. Prahlada Narasimha
  5. Nitai Gouranga
  6. Shrinivasa Govinda

these are very beautiful shrines of gods where you can find various idols of gods.

Top things to do in Iskcon temple

There are a lot of things to do like you can visit some famous tourist places near Iskcon temple 

  • Visveshwaraye industrial and technological museum:- This is also a very good place to visit if you are interested in science and want to see some live experiments then you must visit it This comes in the list of Bangalore tourist places so if you are near this place then visit once time. It is also consider in tourist places of Bangalore due it is a good places to visit in Bangalore.
places to visit in bangalore

  • Orion mall:- Orion mall is incredible mall near isckon temple, this is a best shopping mall, PVR and for gaming zone are interested in gaming? go for it. best entertenment mall with gaming zone and shoping mall.
places to visit in bangalore

  • Jawahar lal Nehru Plantaterium:- you are seen some sci-fi movie but this is sci-fi tourist place where you can get various types of knowledge about space, that how sky is blue, how star are twinkling, how earth rotate and more thing without any notebook specially for kids various schools are organnise tour for students to go there.
places to visit in bangalore

so, these three are amzing places to visit near iskcon temple and also these three are nice Bangalore places to visit peoples come here o visit from further cities.


1. Suggest me best places to visit in bangalore for one day?

ans:- All are the best tourist places in bangalore which i shown you but if you want best places to visit in one day then go for 

  1. Bangalore palace 
  2. Iskcon Temple
  3. Cubbon park 
  4. Bannerghatta national park 

these all best places to visit in one day all are nearest to ech other and placed in the centre of the city.


places to visit in bangalore

Timing:- 6:00 am-8:00 pm closed on wednesday

Entrey fee:- free

Ulsoor lake is very beautiful and has a peaceful atmosphere and also dream places to visit in Bangalore for many peoples.

Here peoples come from further city and village to spend some time with nature and make a calm mind especially local peoples come here daily this is a favourite place for local.

This is a public park so there is no entry charge.

Ulsoor lake is situated in north-east of Bangalore. This lake was made by King Kempe Gowda II in 1807 when this all is was known as Madras.

Ulsoor lake is also known as Halsur or Alsur lake which spread over 123.6 acres of the area so you can think how huge is this.

This lake is one of the biggest lakes of Bangalore which attracts peoples through its beauty and adventure.

This lake is home for birds and many types of plants and trees which make beautiful to also lake so I highly recommend you to go with your friends or family.

are you suffering from tension? go and throw away your problems here because there atmosphere is very calm.

Imagine how you will feel there when you will go there with your colleagues and making some funs on boating or many adventures like spending some time with your friends on the lake islands, playing some games on the island or discussing some interesting topic on the island that feel will be amazing.

Ulsoor lake has three drains for maintaining the health of water inside the lake,

  • Madras Engineering Group
  • Jeevanhalli
  • Daddiguntta and Traverses

If you are looking for any places near Bangalore for shopping then this is your searching result because there is a lot of Branded cloths are avillable in cheap price.

 Things to do,

  • Boating;- Here you can do boating in the coast of 30 INR by which you can see some islands in the lake and experience that.
places to visit in bangalore

  • Swiming:- Here you can also do swiming for free believe me this is amazing if you are planed to visit then try once swiming in ulsoor lake.

Things to do near M.G Road

  • M.G Road:- M.g road is one of crowdest place in Bangalore but having future due to peoples go there.
    you must go there if you want to do shopping at the cheapest price and buy some best dresses like traditional dresses, lehenga, men suits, leather shoes, a certain variety of sunglasses.
    so you must visit this place and make sure you should be a good buyer. there is also having a few famous street foods you should enjoy that. M.G Road is one the best places to visit in Bangalore.

places to visit in bangalore
  • St. Mary's Basilica:- This is also a very famous and beautiful place in Bangalore which you should visit near M.G Road, this is first made the church in Bangalore and peoples are celebrating a festival in this church called st. mary's feast. Those time this church is looking like Twinkle star in Sep. This church has so many attraction so you must visit this. Believe me, you must visit it this is awesome places to visit in Bangalore.
places to visit in bangalore
  • Communiti Restaurant:- This is very attractive and beast of pubs near the M.G Road, Here is vrious types of food, wine etc. are Aviallable and this is also a resturent here is an attractive thing is a piono which is placed iside thhe this and and from upside water are falling on piano which looks awesome. you can get here nice pictures.If you are planning to give surprise someone then go there this is perfect.
places to visit in bangalore


places to visit in bangalore
places to visit in bangalore

Timing:- 9:00 AM-5:00 PM

Entry fee:- 5 INR-10 INR

Janapada Loka is a unique tourist place in Bangalore which is 55 km away from Bangalore by which we can learn about our culture.

Janapada Loka was established on 21 March 1979 and covered the area 15 acres

It is amazingly introducing folk art or practically shown which makes it interesting.

This museum is located in Ramgarh District which is almost 55 km away from the Bangaluru.

if you are like to visit the village or want to see the lifestyle of the 20th century so must visit this place because this is one of the awesome Bangalore places to visit.

take a look in this video,

After entering this you will feel like you are in the past and feel the lifestyles of our ancestors.

you know each and every year there is organising some festival which is related to folk like Lokostava and more in Feb to march.

You will see there various types of attractive things but there is a small and dip pond which is very beautiful best for the photoshoot.

If you want to expirence about the farmers lifestyle this will be best places to visit in Bnagalore.

Janapada Loka is totally made by H.L Nage Gowada who was a brilliant kid those time. he set his goal to establish Janapada Loka after that he started collecting antique things from various places.

This is also a very good platform for talent like for musicians and craftspeople who can advertise or can do marketing through Janapada Loka through CD, DVD etc. 

When you will see their statues of many things it looks like real in fact some peoples are confused the first time that is real or fake?

places to visit in bangalore

Here various types of art you can see, there are statues of men, women, cow, hen, dogs etc.

It has some separated wings like

  • Folk art museum:- This is a big attraction for tourist in Janapada Loka. and this is true here you can see live folk culture and so many old tools which were used farmers for farming and these all tools are very older, you know, there is a shadow which looks like 500 years old. It is a very good attraction of Janapada loka also good places to visit in Bangalore.

  • Chitra Kuteera:- this is a very interesting place in Janapada Loka because there are available some musicals instruments and some farming tools like dhol, etc. which are too old

  • Danapada Library:- This is house books where different types of books are available for research and if you are studying about these then you should visit once here.

  • Shilamala:- You know there is antique stones are displayed which all are older about 800 A.D which is makes interesting

These all are some separate places in Janapada Loka which you should take a look.

Guys don't miss this place because this is a very interesting place to visit in Bangalore.

places to visit in bangalore

I think all important places to visit in Bangalore covered but if I missed any then please comment that which is really awesome places to visit in Bangalore.

That's all guys these 10 are must visiting places which I suggested you there is a lot of places to see in Bangalore but these are most targeted and attractive. and these all places near Bangalore or in the Bangalore. I hope now you got ideas about some attractive tourist places in Bangalore.

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