Today's I'm going to show you the dream places to visit in Patna, which you must visit. 

I researched how many tourist places in Patna then again made research that which are best for us whom we must visit then I got these places

These all places are deserving wow reaction and I'm 100% sure that you didn't see these places together in one article.

Don't believe me just believe users which I'll share feedback.

as you know that Bihar is a very interesting state and in which Patna is an awesome town and now i'm exploring incredible places to visit in Patna.

so, Let's start,


places to visit in patna

Time:- 10:00 am-5:00 pm

Entry fee:- N/A

Golghar is a very famous place of Patna where most peoples are visiting because this is famous in Bihar due to the historical building of Bihar.

It is known as the Roundhouse of Patna but it is popular as Golghar.

Golghar was one of the tallest building of Patna by 2000 (approx).

This building was not made as a tourist place, it was made for storing grain when Bihar was suffering from the problem of flued but after these all. Golghar became a historical place in Patna.

Then most of the tourist are came here to see how government store the grains in building, who is considering as tallest building of Bihar.

So, Golghar became the best tourist place in Patna also best tourist places in Bihar.

It is the memory of Bihar, Patna where peoples are coming to feel the past of Patna so I consider as wow reacting places to visit in Patna.

I didn't consider that it is very beautiful, No it is not beautiful but now it became due to people or visitors can see the past of Bihar and also can compare that how Bihar faced problems.

you know, Golghar is 29metres tallest and has 145 steps to go up.

from where you can see almost Patna from your naked eye, especially you can see the beauty of Ganga river. it is a great attraction for tourist.

due to these reasons, it became one of the wow reacting tourist places of Patna.

And newly considered, that inside of the Golghar organising laser show which is very interesting there you will see an overview of the history of Patna.

History of Golghar:

The purpose to made Golghar was to store grains in huge amount, however, the order was released in 1784 to made Golghar by the general governer Warren Hasting.

But it was totally constructed and ready in 20 July 1786 by est India company and it was designed by Captain John gastrin of Bengal engineer.

Golghar is tall about 29 meters and have thick about 3.6 meters, there are 145 steps to go up.

It builds upon stupa architecture so, just like it became a tourist place in Bihar.

Here are two stairs having two faces which were used by farmers to load grains and go up drop down in Golghar through a hole which is placed on the top and come down through another stair.

Top things to do near Golghar

Here is a lot of things to do but I'll show you the top 3 things to do near Golghar.


  • International Convention Centre(Gyan Bhawan):- Hey, I'm telling you that please don't miss this place, it is one of the big attraction of the tourist in Patna. It is made in the budget of 490 crores by CM of Bihar Nitish Kumar, It took a lot of effort to make it and yes, it is true could believe that to make it used 16500 metric tones of metal and this is a very huge amount of metal which is greater than Eiffel tower and also greater than Indra Gandhi International Airport of Delhi, there is also a beautiful park with high maintenance. It is also a good places to visit in Patna.

places to visit in patna

Gyan Bhawan

places to visit in patna

Park view

  • Pind Balluchi:- It is one of the best and very famous restaurant of Patna. Pind Balluchi is situated in the tallest building of Patna called Biscomaun Bhawan with 18 floors, Pind Balluchi is also known The Revolving restaurant because the top of this building where Pind Balluchi is situated revolving 360 degrees. So, guys if you are coming there then go here once. And this is one of the very romantic places to visit in Patna with girlfriend or family.
places to visit in patna

Pind balluchi is lie on the top

  • Mona movie theater:- I hope after these all you all are got tired so Now, movie time. Mona Theater is 2nd famous multiplex theatre in Patna which providing great service to the customer. And the most important thing is that there ticket price normal not high. so go there and make some fun dear. Recently there brought for peoples called Elphistone which is on the 2nd floor(not confirm). Now grab some food from mac Donalds placed at ground floor.
places to visit in patna

  • Fun Regent Cinemas:- Fun regent is also good theatre to watch the movie there is also KFC to grab some food after watched inside KFC.
places to visit in patna


places to visit in patna

Time:- 5:00 AM-8:00 AM free, 8:00 AM-6:00 PM, closed on Monday

Entry fee:- 30 INR for adulte, 10 INR for kids, 5 INR for school groups

Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park is the very popular and one of the beautiful places to visit in Patna which is also known as Patna zoo or Sanjay Gandhi Jaivik Udyan.

Many people are told me that it is my favourite places to visit in Patna.

This park is situated on beside of bailey road and having distance from airport is about 2kms.

if your thinking to go on natural places and feel nature or spend some time then this is best. Patna zoo has more than 5000 trees and lots of plants which makes interesting.

Many people asked me that also write about places to visit in Patna with Girlfriend. so here it is.

This zoo was established in 1973. you know many visitors are told me that I think it is the best place in Patna or tourist place in Bihar.

Here above 70 species of animals are found, more than 300 species of tree, etc so it has been best places to visit in Patna.

When you go deeper then you will see a beautiful lake in which you can do boating, click some photos due to these things it became wow reaction tourist places in Patna.

There are a lot of things to do or visit like Bat houseBoatingSnake houseFish aquarium, etc. but I'll show you those which you must visit in Sanjay Gandhi biological park.

Newly discovered things in Patna zoo 3D theatre and also movies poster by which you can do the best photography.


Sanjay Gandhi Biological park was found in 1969 and established as Botanical garden of Patna but it was opened in 1973 as Sanjay Gandhi Botanical Garden when Zoo and botanical garden both are get together.

It covered the area of 152.95 acres it is the green zone of Patna.

Things to do in Zoo

Fish aquarium:- Here made a large fish with open mouth from which we have to go inside which is very interesting and if you want to enter in this then you must to buy a ticket.

There are many types of fish found here like shark, whale fish, etc.

There are above 70 species of fish which is good.

places to visit in patna

Snake House:- This is a very interesting place to visit especially for kids because kids are interested to see these types of things and always excited to see their activity.

There are above five species of snakes are living like, Anaconda, King cobra, Python, etc.

places to visit in patna

Boating:- Hey guys having some fun with your friends or family in the huge lake of Zoo.

 first, pay for ticket abut 80 INR for two-person which is very low price and then start boating make some photoshoot at the centre of the lake.
There is a bridge to cross the river which is standing with help of strong ropes.

places to visit in patna

So guys this is really a wow reacting places to visit in Patna. don't miss it if you are planning to come here.


places to visit in patna

Timing:- 2:30 am-8:00 am

Entry fee:- N/A

Takht sri patna sahib is really wow reacting places to visit in patna, Yeah i am talking about Gurudwara which is very respectful for everyone but specially for sikhs.

Bihar is very strict about Hindusm so follow instructions given below.

This place has another name called Harmandir Sahib which is made by Ranjit Singh who was the first Maharaja of sikh Empire.

This was built because the tenth Guru was birth in Patna, Bihar known as Guru Gobind Singh.

You know, there is everyday runing prayer to god on 5:45 am which is looking really awesome. you should watch once if you are there.

Here every festival of sikh is fed with langad which is the prasad. It is considered as fiveth 'Takht' of Sikhs and this is really one of the awesome places to visit in Patna.

It is very beautiful and big attraction Patna so this place became a incredible tourist places in Patna. So you must this place because i can't describe it's beauty.


Patna Sahib Gurudwara was built in 1950s by Ranjit Singh, Ranjit singh was first king of sikh Empire. This place was birth place of Guru govind singh ji in 22 Dec 1966 and he was the tenth Guru of Sikh.

Before went to Anandpuri sahib Guru Govind Singh ji was spent here 10 year after him patna was very lucky which was also visited by Guru Nanak Dev Ji and Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji.

A accident was suffered by this Gurudwara in 1934 when patna was faced a huge earthquake those time gurudwara was also affected liitlle bit but got fixed after some time without any loss in architect of Gurudwara.

places to visit in patna

Strictly Follow:-

  • It is necessary to wash feet before go inside.
  • Cover your head through hankey or any cloth before enter.


places to visit in patna

Time:- 8:00 am-7:00 pm

Entry fee:- 10 INR-20 INR

Eco Park is situated at strand road, this park has three entrance gate and it is very good places to visit in Patna.

This park is looking so amazing because of there upgradations by time. this is the best tourist places in Patna due to these reasons.

There are more than 300 flora and fauna are planted which makes the environment pure.

This park has divided into three parts newly discovered third.

as you know, approx all are busy in there life and also having some stress i was also one of them but I just went there at 6:00 am and what I feel you can't guess that.

when I came out then I was very happy and normal then I had spent there 1 month continuously from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

So, guys, I'm telling this is mind-changing park and also one of top places to visit in Patna. Yeah, I indeed experienced that

There is a play park which is built only for kids so this park is best for kids also.

I'll suggest you go in the evening about 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. If it is possible then go not must to visit at this time.

Attraction of Ecological Park or Eco-park:

There are a lot of attractive things by which peoples come here again and again but I'll cover those which is very attractive as I covering very attractive places to visit in Patna not all.

  • First attraction of this park is in the first portion of the eco-park, there is a fountain on which you will see a waterfall and planted beautiful flowers. go and click some pictures
  • The second attraction is a pond which is situated in this park, a tapu placed at the centre of the park which is the house of birds and you can also do boating there.
  • Are you Gymer? The second attraction is the gym which you can find on 2nd position.

Things to do:

1. Boating:- Boating is very attractive in Eco Park, it is placed in 2nd portion of the Eco Park but first, you need to buy a ticket. It can be very interesting and will make your day.

places to visit in patna

2. Food Corner:- It's time to grab some food, There are some food corner is placed inside by which you can feed yourself. and if you want to some street food then go outside at the gate of the Eco Park a lot of food stole available like chats, Bhelpuri, ice cream, mixed fruit, etc.

places to visit in patna

3. Governor house of Patna:- Eco Park is placed at the very clean and secure area it is surrounded by Bihar Government properties and from those, you can see a most attractive Buiding of Bihar called Governor House, it is 500 metres away from the park and it is also considered as a tourist place in Bihar. This place is big attraction of Patna and it seems like good tourist places in Patna.

It can be very interesting and will make your day.


Eco-park is made at the basis of the Urban park and it is also known Ecological park and Rajdhani Vatika.

This park was built in 2011 by Cm of Bihar 'Nitish Kumar', it covered 9.18 hectares of land.

Per day more than 5000 visitors came here and if we talk about some special day, this park is filled with peoples I mean more than 10,000 visitors are coming here especially at 1 Jan because it is a picnic spot.


places to visit in patna

Time:- 10:30 am-5:00 pm

Entry fee:-100 INR

Bihar museum is discovered in 2015 which one of the best places to visit in Patna because there are lots of things to see and experience in our daily life.

Yeah, I mean experience because there are some elements which attract back to our paste that's why told you that we should experience that.

You know,

Bihar museum had built due to lake of space in the Patna museum. Yeah, Two Museum situated in Patna first is called Patna museum and second is Bihar museum.

But, most of the antique peaces of Patna museum has shifted to Bihar museum. Patna museum is also one of the amazing places to visit in Patna which you shouldn't miss it.

Bihar museum is located at the bailey road or beside of high court of Patna. It is best places to visit in Patna.

In this, you can do lots of things but most important things to the photoshoot, yeah guys in this place you will see a lot of amazing views which you should capture in your cameras.

This place is updating per day, every day you will get new things here when I went there I had really satisfied with this place.

Things to do near Bihar museum:

  • Patna Planetarium:- it is located at a distance of 500 metres and this place is must be visiting places of Patna, it is also a great tourist places of Patna. Patna planetarium is amazing for kids or those who are interested in science. Here you will see about our universe that how these had created.
places to visit in patna
  • Boring Canal Road:- Yeah, I'm telling about this road because this is a very famous area of Patna if you are a street food lover then not miss this place here you will get famous food of Patna known as 'Litti Chokha'. And best for shopping.
places to visit in patna

  • Buddha Smriti Park:- This park has located at a distance of 2.9 km, will take 10 min from Bihar museum. This park is really good places to visit in Patna this place is a big attraction of Patna which you should not miss it. It is specially awesome places to visit in Patna.
places to visit in patna


Bihar museum was opened on 15 Aug 2015 and located on bailey road Patna, the reason to made this museum was lack of space in the old museum which is known as Patna museum or Magic house(Jadu ghar).

Bihar museum covered the area of 24000 sq. metres, in this museum car parking area, is available. Bihar museum has not enough history yet.


places to visit in patna

Time:- Open 24 Hours

Entry fee:- 0 INR

Gandhi maidan is huge and amazing places to visit in Patna. This is a public property, therefore, no need to pay.

It looks like the green heart of Patna from the top. it is covered area of 60 acres.

This is a historical pace of Bihar because, in 1824, it was used for horse racing, golf course under British rule.

Now, this place is using for picnic, rallies of political parties, mostly it became a playground for kids.

Gandhi maidan is a big attraction of Patna because all big functions of Patna organise here like 'Ravan Dahan'.

every year a fair is held here like Pustak fair, Saras fair, Disneyland, etc. These all are addressing here. 

I think it is one of the really awesome places to visit in Patna because it is very famous in Patna.

This place is a historical place of Bihar from 1824 to 1835 this place was Patna lawns.

The major attraction of this place is the statue of Mahatma Gandhi that placed at the centre of Gandhi maidan this statue is the world's tallest of Mahatma Gandhi.

There are 13 entrance gets are available and a lot of things to do like you can visit Biscomaun Bhawan which is the tallest building of Patna and a restaurant has situated on the top floor of this building which is also known as a revolving restaurant, another attraction is there Gyan Bhawan, etc.

You can relax here with your friends or family and spend some hours with each other through play any games or anything which can make you happy.

In recent times this place became a historical tourist place of Bihar.

Things to do near Gandhi Maidan:

  • Khetan Market:- Ketan market is a huge market for shopping at cheap and best where peoples have come from many cities or villages because they are getting many valuable products here whom they want, so I think you must visit once. It is 4 km away from Gandhi maidan.
places to visit in patna
  • Science Centre:- This is amazing places to visit near Gandhi maidan and the most attractive places to visit in Patna for kids or who are interested to learn about some old discovered things of the scientist. You should visit this place with your family or friends, gain some science knowledge.
places to visit in patna

  • Bollywood treats restaurant:- This is an incredible restaurant for dinner or make celebrations with your friends that is placed at a distance of 500 metres from Gandhi maidan. Go and grab some food.
places to visit in patna


Gandhi maidan was discovered as the name of Patna Lawns under British rule and most of the rallies was lead from here like Champaran movement and quite India in 1942.

Many leaders were addressing there rallies from here like Mahatama Gandhi, Rajendra Prasad, Jawaharlal Nehru, etc who were the freedom fighter of India.

World's largest statue of Mahatma Gandhi is established here.

In 1948 its name changed from Patna Lawns to Gandhi Maidan.

places to visit in patna

7. P&M MALL 

places to visit in patna

Time:- 10:00 am-11:00 pm

Entry fee:- free

Location:- Patliputra kurji road, patliputra industrial area, patliputra colony, Patna

P&m mall is one of the biggest mall of Patna which is located in Patliputra kurji road. This mall have lots of things to do and it is very famous Places to visit in Patna.

When the first mall was built in Patna, it is P&M Mall. this mall was established in 2011 and this huge and beautiful mall built by film director Prakash jha and Manmohan shetty.

There are total seven floor with lift and escalators. This mall is one of the best mall of which looks like shining start from outside, p&m mall is also awarded by the ''Most admired shoping centre of the year.

This mall is filled with full entertainment if you are searching to somewhere where you can make grand fun with your family or friends.

Believe me, guys if you are lving this place then you are doing a really huge mistakes, this is must visiting place of Patna and really attractive places to visit in Patna.

There are 90 shops and services are avialiable so if you are looking for brands then this mall is filled with these. This mall including shops and services like, Gaming, Cinemas theatre, Dominos, Kfc, shopping brands, Cafe, etc. 

You know, this mall is very intrestimg for kids because there is a gaming which is really amazing for kids.

so guys this one of the best places to visit in Patna.

Things to do in P&M mall:

  • Cinepolis Cinemas:- This is one of the best theater of Patna, it is lieing on the top floor in P&M Mall, watch latest movie here and make some fun guys.
places to visit in patna

  • Gaming Zone:- It is lieing on the 4th floor where you can play some games and it is very intresting place for kids because kids interested in game.

  • Food Zone:- It is not any type of area, you can grab some food like go and grab some pizzas or there are lots of good restuarents where you can feed yourself. you can also buy food from outside of mall which is also placed in the area of mall.
places to visit in patna

  • Shoping:- There are lots of brand where you can buy dresses like fabric suits, ladies wear, shoes, etc various brands are opened showroom in this mall.
places to visit in patna


places to visit in patna

Time:- 4:00 AM-11:00 PM

Entry fee:- Free

Gandhi ghat is one of the best places to visit in Patna. This is an adventures place of Patna where you can do a lot of things.

This place is located near Gandhi maidan Patna and now Gandhi ghat is known as N.I.T Ghat Patna.

It is a very interesting place because when you will visit or went there you will feel like standing beside of the ocean or beach you can also do the photoshoot, I believe it is also best places to visit in Patna for a photoshoot or click some pictures of natural things.

This ghat is known as Gandhi ghat due to ass of Mahatma Gandhi was immersed here and this ghat become famous a lot due to Evening Ganga Arti.

Top things to do in Gandhi Ghat:

  • MV Ganga Vihar:- This restaurant is popular as a floating restaurant because it is floating in Ganga river, this is best for celebrating berth day or family get together, if you are searching something to do celebration or any parties then this is best in Patna. You know, This is really incredible places to visit in Patna with girlfriend or couples.
places to visit in patna

  • Kite festival:- it is a very interesting festival by which you can do a lot of fun but it organises only in Makar Sankranti across the river so go and enjoy it in Makar Sankranti.
places to visit in patna

  • Boating:- You can also do boating here which special for visitors they will show you the overview of Ganga river or you can feel this river when you went closer so don't try to miss these guys.
places to visit in patna


places to visit in patna

Time:- 11:00 am-6:00 pm, closed on Wednesday

Entry fee:- Monday to Friday 350 INR, Saturday and Sunday 450 INR

Patna has two water park first is Funtasia water park and second is The Hungama world water park but if you are looking for the best water park in Patna then go for fantasia water park which is awesome places to visit in Patna.

This water park is a great attraction in Patna, it is also an incredible tourist places to visit in Patna. This water park is 11 km away from Patna Junction and 16 km from Airport, located at bypass road.

This water park is the first water park of Bihar which is built in 2012 near bypass road and having an area of 2 hectares.

Now, this water park has lots of attraction like a wave pool, water slides, restaurants etc.

Guys it is one of the dream places to visit in Patna of many peoples


places to visit in patna

Time:- N/A 

Entry fee:- 0 INR

Maner Sharif dargah is one of the dream places to visit in Patna of many peoples, believe me, after visit this place you will feel great because it has a peaceful atmosphere where you should spend 2 hours with you friends or family.

Maner Sharif Dargah is also famous as the name of Chhoti Dargah and it is placed at the distance of 24 km on the NH 30 on Patna to ara road.

This is a very attractive and beautiful tourist places in Patna and it was built in 1616.

If you are looking for any photoshoot places in Patna so guys I'm telling you don't miss this. It is also very good places to visit in Patna with girlfriend.

That's all guys, i hope this article must be informative for you, i explored all dream places to visit in Patna, if you liked it then please leave a feedback through comment.

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